Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dallas TX Lawyers -  Alternative Dispute Resolution in Construction Law

One of the most damaging things to a construction relationship is a dispute over a construction contract or another related matter. It may seem that going to court is the only way to resolve the matter and move forward. It is not. By using alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR), parties involved in a construction dispute can work through the differences without the time, expense or animosity of trial.

Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

The two primary ADR methods are mediation and arbitration. Both these methods resolve disputes outside of litigation, but with distinct differences.

In arbitration, a certified arbitrator usually an attorney acts as a judge over the dispute. He or she hears all sides of the argument and makes a binding decision on the outcome. Whether a dispute is resolved through arbitration typically is controlled by the construction contract.

Thomas, Feldman & Wilshusen, L.L.P., is an experienced construction law firm in Dallas, Texas. TFW has significant experience representing clients in arbitration, and one of the lawyers is a licensed arbitrator. Because of its knowledge of construction law, TFW is able to craft sound arguments that protect clients' rights and lead to successful outcomes.

In mediation, the parties are in control of the final outcome. The parties negotiate the issue with the help of a certified mediator. In TFW's experience, mediation often leads to a win-win solution. Because the parties agree, they are often able to reduce the animosity among themselves and enjoy a working relationship.

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