Construction Litigation

Dallas, Texas, Construction Litigators

When a breach of contract arises, you need confident and effective representation from your construction litigation attorney.

The lawyers at Thomas, Feldman & Wilshusen, L.L.P., in Dallas, Texas, have years of experience and knowledge of the state and federal courts’ rules and commercial construction industry practices. They are dedicated advocates for each client’s best possible outcome and for the vigorous pursuit or defense of each case.

If you are a lender, owner, developer, general contractor, subcontractor, supplier, surety or design professional, please contact TFW for a consultation on prospective or ongoing litigation matters.

Handling All Types of Construction Disputes

TFW counsels and represents all segments of the construction industry in virtually all types ofconstruction disputes. TFW regularly handles disputes concerning:

  • Breach of contract
  • Delays
  • Labor inefficiencies
  • Payment disputes
  • Quality of work
  • Construction defects
  • Payment bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Mechanic's lien Foreclosure
  • Defective design

The Construction Litigation Practice

TFW’s construction litigation practice involves the following three areas:

TFW counsels clients about ways to avoid litigation while still obtaining favorable results. The firm strives to preserve valuable business relationships during the pre-litigation resolution process.

TFW eagerly pursues the interests of its clients in construction litigation. The firm’s experience and knowledge of the rules of procedure and evidence at both the state and federal court levels, its expertise and knowledge of construction law and its trial experience provide the background for TFW to effectively represent its clients.

TFW has tried numerous jury trials. It is equally experienced in trials to the bench. Based on this experience, TFW can effectively handle complex construction disputes. TFW's trial lawyers can persuasively present the evidence in a way that both the judge & jury understand the situation.

TFW has extensive experience representing clients in the arbitration process. In fact, the firm uses arbitration to resolve approximately 30 percent of its construction dispute cases. Construction contracts often directly or indirectly incorporate the Rules of the American Arbitration Association for the Construction Industry. TFW has a thorough understanding of the letter and spirit of the AAA Rules as they apply to construction disputes.

Of course, a vast majority of construction disputes are referred to mediation voluntarily or by court order. TFW frequently represents clients in the mediation process as well.

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If you represent a segment of the commercial construction industry, please contact TFW to schedule a consultation on pending or potential construction litigation actions.